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iOS 10 makes you more productive on the iPhone and iPad with these 5 tips – iculture

iOS 10 contains a fair amount of new features that everyone can come in handy. But iOS 10 also helps you to be more productive, both on your iPhone and your iPad. Therefore, we will discuss five ways to get to work faster and more productively with iOS 10th.

ipad -Pro-business notes

# 1 widgets in more places and more convenient on the iPad
Since iOS 10 are the widgets become much more convenient. You’ll find them in many more places, such as the lock screen, Message Center and next to the home screen in the place where previously located Spotlight was. On the iPad, the widgets also become even more convenient. Currently, you can put widgets on the iPad all together (in the Today section and in the separate Widgets column), but iOS is 10 this even further. In addition, there are now veel more widgets standard apps such as Mail, Phone and Music app.


Deze standard widgets are new in iOS 10

16-6 · iOS 10 renews the message Center and the location of the widgets, but there have also been a lot of widgets from default apps at. In this article we put them on a list and describe the features.


# 2 Notifications are more fully
notificaties iOS 10 are much richer and you can do much more with it, without having to open the appropriate app. For example, you get a text message or iMessage, you can print with 3D Touch firmly to open up the message. You will not only see the current new message, but you can also scroll through previous messages in the same conversation. So you immediately know where the conversation already going on, without having to open the entire Messaging app. Do not have an iPhone with 3D Touch, you can do this by moving the message to the left and select View . You will then see the same rich viewing as a 3D touch device. This works even from the lock screen, so you do not quite have to unlock your iPhone or iPad.

View the contents of a notification from  the lock screen in iOS 10.  rich notifications in iOS 10

# 3 Always on all your documents, including your Mac
File upload to iCloud Drive. Do you alongside an iPhone or iPad iOS 10 a Mac macOS Sierra ? Then you can synchronize your desktop and the Documents folder with iCloud. Once you have installed MacOS Sierra get you whether you want to do this. The advantage is that this document from your iPad or iPhone directly to store in the correct folder on your Mac without having to remember where you had stored exactly. Conversely, this also works: files you have on your Mac on your Desktop or in the Documents folder, you always have with you on your iPhone or iPad. Indeed, you have multiple Macs, you can see your Desktop and Documents folder are exactly the same

It is convenient that you have to use no longer apps from third parties to upload files to iCloud. . Through the new button Add you can directly put into iCloud on each photo or file to iCloud Drive in the Share menu.

# 4 Physical keyboard
on the iPad, you can use a physical keyboard, but in iOS 10 contains a separate settings option for these special cases. For instance, set in iOS autocorrect 10 which for instance is off while using a physical keyboard. Additionally, you can set the default language, the automatic capitalization on and off, and specify whether you want iOS automatically insert a point when you press the spacebar twice. Normally these settings are handy with a keyboard on the screen, but if you use a physical keyboard may be just such a confusing feature. In addition, there are many more shortcuts in iOS 10 possible, such as returning to the home screen from any app with the key combination CMD + Tab .

iPad with keyboard shortcuts in iOS 10.

# 5 Splitview within Safari on the iPad
Since iOS 9 You can use custom applications together with Split View but in iOS 10 may also within Safari. This form of work is especially useful if you want to compare something. You can for example also easily copy and paste from one website to another, or you read an interesting article on one site while the other view example, you can read the comments to this article. This way you have to scroll a lot less or switch between tabs.

Splitview Safari in iOS 10.

However, the iPad has many more new views which can be more productive at work. Many of these features are available only on the large 12.9-inch iPad Pro, such as the Mail and Notes app. In the following article you read more unieke iOS 10 features for the iPad


Dit the new iOS 10 features for the iPad

21-6 · on an iPad with iOS 10 just anything more features available than on the iPhone. We have put the most important thing for you one by one.



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