Monday, August 8, 2016

iPad settings (apps layout, passwords) to establish a new account? – One More Thing

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RobbyH 18 hours ago #

Hello everyone,

My old iPad 2 got a new life as a gift for my father. Have taken over me busy downloading (free) apps that are useful to him, set his email account, set up Facebook, some e-books, etc. But apparently all that happened under my iTunes / iCloud username sees it also eg. who my contacts are, what music I like Apple music etc.

is there a possibility of these institutions (without my contacts and Apple music) transfer under a new username to his name without that I 0 re-install everything?

thanks for the help.

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TheBigZ 18 hours ago #

It most certainly is to start over. Start by creating their own Apple ID for him.

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GoeieDag 12 hours ago #

Is there a possibility …

No, there is not.

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KarelWillem 3 hours ago #


The first thing you do when you set up an iDevice for someone, starting with his / her account.
Or create a new account.

Start with your own data is relatively meaningless.


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