Tuesday, August 9, 2016

iPad sales leveling off, but business market is growing – iculture

There are maybe fewer copies sold on the iPad, but companies and governments still seem to have plenty of needs. According to the New York Times (€) for almost half of the iPads sold to business users. “Apple is with its more devices within the corporate market than the usual customers,” said analyst Frank Gillet Forrester, facing the US newspaper.

ipad pro-corporate-office multitasking

During the last fiscal year from Apple, which ended in September, Apple sold more iPads to forty percent business market than a year earlier. While the entire business tablet market grew by only 28 percent. the iPad is a success, something that seemed improbable six years ago because many people in companies and governments felt that you need a laptop to work productively .

in recent years, become increasingly clear that much more is possible. So Apple went in 2014 a partnership with IBM to make some business iOS apps. In addition, the company works with Cisco and SAP to ensure that iPads can be used well for a variety of business processes.

iPad Pro business use Word

Even former rival Microsoft is a partner of Apple became Kirk Bauer Koenigs, the head of Microsoft Office, demonstreerde Therefore Office for the iPad Pro at the launch of the tablet. Since then, Microsoft has regularly released updates for Office on the iPad. The last advertising of the iPad Pro even includes the Microsoft software, something that years ago was unthinkable.

NYT also allows Apple’s top woman on the floor. Susan Prescott tells what we heard earlier from Tim Cook, that they “create products that improve people’s lives. Often in ways we could not have come up once, allowing them to do things they had never done before. Our goal with business customers is the same: allow them to have something wonderful to do with mobile devices and so real to modernize their business and change “

From customers to companies
Apple’s success in the business world is quite conspicuous. where Microsoft always used master was in desktops within companies, Steve Jobs focused more on products that end users were happy.

Now that sold fewer desktops and laptops, Apple has just way ahead of Microsoft and Google. The security of Android is often seen worse, and Windows does not have enough apps to get a real benefit from a tablet. The choice of an iPad is for companies and governments thus made easy.

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