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Second impression: the iPad Pro 9.7 after four months –

In mid-April we published our review of the iPad Pro 9.7 , now we are four months later and we have the tablet still daily in our hands. How do you like the latest iPad after four months? And we set our mind at this second iPad Pro 9.7 impressed?

Second iPad Pro 9.7 Impression

In our iPad Pro 9.7 review you could read how we were impressed with the extensive features and powerful specs that Apple after the 12,9 inch model also managed to put in a 9.7-inch iPad. On the other hand the price is so high that it’s probably smarter for the average user to go for a cheaper one.

iPad Pro 9.7 second impression

we are now four months later and the iPad Pro 9.7 is still our best friend during our daily train journey to and from iPhoned office in Nijmegen. We use the tablet in the morning to read news and prepare articles, on the way we look at series and we regularly play iOS game like Hearthstone or (recently) Severed.

The iPad Pro 9.7 is below rapidly

The powerful specs of the iPad Pro 9.7 are already perform these tasks without glitches or other problems. The multitask function, which we use for example to use a note app in addition to a browser, works smoothly and quickly.

The combination of the TrueTone display and the Night Shift function ensures moreover for the iPad Pro our morning glare and night also makes an excellent device to quickly have something to read. These two features are also working completely independently, so that the screen is always nice to look at, without you before the institutions have to dive.

 iPad Pro 9.7 second impression

Once we arrive at the office, the tablet disappears, however, in the bag. Apple continues to us four months after the release promising that the iPad Pro 9.7 can replace your laptop, but for everyday work shooting the limitations of iOS are still deficient. Since then, we have started working with iOS 10 , the big update that will be available in September. Also, this update will not going to change that view. So nice to quickly convert two apps side by side multi-task function, but you’re too limited to set the size of the windows

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The excellent battery we need the iPad Pro to charge only a few times a week. In addition, the tablet keeps it easily filled several consecutive days without us having to worry about a dead battery. Moreover, the four tablet speakers for such a powerful sound that the iPad Pro surpasses many a speaker. This makes the iPad a great device to play Spotify music, or to look back a concert while you’re not near a TV.

The Apple Pencil is purely for experts

also, we are healed kind of Apple Pencil . we used the white pin in the first weeks still as nice accessory to draw pictures and write texts, soon disappeared Apple stylus to a box in our backpack, which he has since not come any more.

In addition, the Apple Pencil was the times we wanted to use him empty. We would like to once again emphasize that this pricey accessory is intended for graphic designers or people daily with signs and colors in the weather. For the rest of the users are the possibilities to be limited, and the price is (much) is too high.

iPad Pro 9.7 second impression

And that goes for the iPad Pro itself. It is a beautiful tablet, which has everything to deliver impressive performance. However, the question remains whether this is worthwhile for you as a user. If you want to check only social networks and sometimes want to watch a video, an older iPad is still more than enough. You deliver or on camera quality, but the last four months we have it only used to run FaceTime calls.

Conclusion second iPad Pro 9.7 Impression

The iPad Pro 9.7 is without doubt the best iPad that Apple has ever made, but the reason the iPad not as fast selling makes sense: once you have purchased an iPad, there are few reasons to buy a new one. The more powerful specs, speakers and camera of the iPad Pro is a bonus and a solution for professionals who use the tablet to edit photos and videos, but not necessarily required for typical users.

Apple Should the price of the device in the future do down, then this of course is a different story. The tablet does have everything (and more) at home you expect from a high end tablet expected in the year 2016.

iPad Pro 9.7 buy Netherlands

iPad Pro 9.7 is available in the Netherlands in different places. For the best iPad Pro offers you in the table below right.

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