Monday, August 15, 2016

VSCO no longer sync between iPhone and iPad – iculture

The photo editing app VSCO shutdown is an important function. From now on the no longer possible to synchronize operations between multiple devices. The sync function was introduced two years ago, along with the iPad version. Edited a photo on the iPad, the adjustments also appeared on the iPhone and vice versa. And that was convenient because many people find it easier to do photo editing on the iPad and then send the iPhone to Instagram. But it can not anymore.

VSCO for iPhone

the creators of VSCO, users will be notified via e-mail. Should it still work on your device, you will notice that it suddenly is gone the next few days. There is an alternative. When you’re done editing, you can export the photo to your camera roll. He then also appears on all your other devices if you have enabled iCloud photo library. Only when you delete the app will include the pictures are gone.

VSCO app

VSCO has always taken its place among photo editing apps. It always drew a somewhat more artistic crowd than apps like snap, which focus on practical features. The bore somewhat complicated operation to this. The sync function disappears itself is not bad, because there are now enough solutions to store your photos online at, to make backups and access to multiple devices, such as Google Photos. VSCO can now fully focus on the editing. There is also likely to arrive a redesign for iPad app. This app was not updated yet, while the version for the iPhone already got a facelift.

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