Sunday, August 21, 2016

iTIP Currency characters typing on iPhone or iPad – iCreate Magazine

Want to type an amount in euros on the iPhone and iPad, the euro symbol is so found. Tap the bottom left of the keyboard on the 123 button to access the numeric keypad, and there is the € symbol. But what if you want to see something in dollars or pounds, for example, in a trip? You will find the main currency characters in the same way as other hidden characters on the keyboard.

Currency characters iPhone typing
  • Open the numeric keypad by tapping the button 123
  • Keep your finger briefly on the € button.
  • you will see a menu of other currencies.
  • Wipe to the character you need.

Among the euro-button you will find the following symbols in this way:

$ – US dollar
£ – British pound
₽ – Russian ruble
¥ – Japanese yen
₩ – South Korean won

Now we hear you think the chances of me ever amount won gonna tap is negligible – and I miss the Swedish crown or the Turkish lira. In that case, you can install the keyboard of the country, then it works the same as described above. Also read our article on installeren additional keyboards .

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