Monday, August 8, 2016

TBS threatened after robbery iPad in Lievelde – De Gelderlander

ARNHEM / LIEVELDE – The man who on February 9 at the station in Lievelde wanted to rob a 16-year-old Eibergenaar his iPad and grabbed by the throat, refusing to participate in a clinical treatment. That showed in pursuing his case, which was handled substance on May 23.

The 25-year-old from Apeldoorn had earlier in February turned away at the establishment where he was taken.

Under the influence of beer and some cocaine seized in a train in Lievelde the 16-year-old boy by the throat. Another passenger who intervened, could prevent worse.

The man told not to stand behind a treatment. He wanted to supervision by a foundation that provides 24-hour care. The prosecutor pointed to the danger of recidivism and the interest of society that should be protected. She wanted to be included in the Pieter Baan Centre, where the possibility could be explored Criminal Code. The judge went along. The three months from Apeldoorn should come back to the multiple criminal division of the court.


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