Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Air Apple iPad 2 Review – Future proof – Tweakers


The iPad 2 Air has a very thin and light body, which is fine to hold. However, the difference with the first air is not great. More interesting is the Touch ID fingerprint scanner, which you can use to log in and with which you can do. Payments in the future The major innovations have however searched on hardware level. Namely Air iPad 2 includes a new processor that is considerably faster than the first iPad Air; he has more memory and a beautiful screen with reduced reflections. This makes the Air 2 better and especially a piece of the future tighter than its predecessor. Bummer, we find that the base model still has only 16GB of storage memory, and the battery life is slightly less than its predecessor. The old Air with its new price of 399 euros otherwise a great buy for people who are not necessarily the very latest want.


  • thin and light body
  • Powerful hardware
  • Good screen
  • Touch ID scanner


  • Standard Model has only 16GB
  • Battery life is less than predecessor


Tweakers says: very good!

Price for publication: € 499, –

Sometimes is central to a product to the outside and sometimes the inside. When Apple for example, introduced the iPad Air last year, the major innovation was clearly the much thinner and lighter casing, although the performance had passed. Well in advance

This year’s edition, the iPad Air 2 to inside. The tablet is thinner and lighter than its predecessor, and that is certainly welcome, and the Touch ID fingerprint scanner is a nice addition, but the big changes are found in the form of Apple’s new A8X-soc under the hood. This is in all respects an improvement on the A7 chip from the first iPad Air, but he also put the newly hatched A8 chip from the new iPhones at substantial disadvantage.

In this review we will Of course in the improved housing, Touch ID and the new version of iOS. In addition, we provide detailed information on what’s different about the A8X-soc and thus what Apple has in mind.


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