Monday, October 20, 2014

iPad Mini should boost iPad sales – Tablets Magazine

Apple verlaagt the price of the iPad Mini and you hope to lure … Where you go away with a more expensive iPad to the store. That’s the idea behind the price cut of the first small iPad.

Apple suffers from a stagnant tablet sales, because not everyone is so often buy a tablet or replace as imagined. Therefore, the company from Cupertino is trying a new strategy. Apple sells the iPad Mini in fact now for $ 249, which vijtig dollar is less than before. Thus, the company enters the cheaper end of the market, what it actually does for the first time. Apple products are always more expensive than the competition; Apple wants this quality and words like premium radiate.

It is also the first time that there are not four, but five different iPads available. But Apple has another plan up his sleeve to sell more. IPads With the low price of the Mini consumer wants to lure to the shops, then go home to let them go with a more expensive iPad again – like the recently announced iPad 2 or iPad Mini Air 3 In addition, Apple has also suffered from de phablet market ; phablets are by now so great that a tablet seems unnecessary. Apples own phablet is available since September.

Apple bases its strategy on the minds of market analysts. That is, they expect people to actually come to the store to look at those cheaper iPad Mini, but are willing to spend more than originally planned. Easily from fifty to one hundred dollars The thought that the sellers have to see about bringing in the customers is: if you do go for a more expensive product (Android tablets are cheaper on average), why do not you just spend a little more for a much newer model with more functions and (somewhat) better specs?

It remains to be seen what this will do. impact worldwide


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