Monday, October 13, 2014

New iPad is less sexy than new iPhone – Automation Guide

This week, following the launch of new iPad models. Although there is curiosity, it does not fall in to the commotion surrounding a new iPhone.

Several onderzoekjes show that the interest in new iPad models is much smaller than for iPhone. The New York Times compared the number of searches for ‘New iPhone’ and ‘New iPad’. Throughout the year, its 301,000 monthly searches for ‘New iPhone’. Over the past month, that number rose to 2.24 million.

In comparison, 135,000 people monthly search “New iPad” in the search window. In the month of the introduction of the iPad Air last year that number rose to 673,000. Incidentally, the iPad is still more popular than competitive products. In the month of the introduction of a new Samsung smartphone or tablet is the number of searches for ‘New Galaxy’ 14,800. Analysts explain the difference in interest in an iPhone and iPad, a tablet that is kind to there but not really necessary, as opposed to a smartphone. Apple also gives himself less attention to the tablet launch, as can be deduced from the structure of the event that just held at the headquarters of Apple in Cupertino.

Apple’s share of the tablet market is incidentally under pressure. In the second quarter, Apple was 27 percent of tablets sold at 33 per cent in the comparable quarter last year.

Expectation not high

Thursday Apple is expected to introduce a new version of the iPad Air, perhaps in two sizes. The expectations are not strained very high with respect to the innovations. From leaked information shows that the new iPad will get a faster processor and the tablet gets a fingerprint scanner like the recent iPhone models. Apple will also prepare the new iPad for the arrival of Apple’s Pay, the payment system that Apple introduced last month, but is not yet active.

Further, Apple probably the 32GB model so that there are only 16 GB, 64 GB and a 128 GB model coming. The 64 GB and 128 GB versions are $ 100 cheaper than the variants of the iPad Air with a comparable amount of memory. Now a 128 GB model costs $ 300 more than the base model with 16 GB.

Apple likely, the new iPads also a new, better camera and a screen and higher resolution, while the models are thinner and are lighter than their predecessors.

The iPad Pro with a much larger screen sizes (12.9 inches) where all rumors went around, is not expected to hear the introductions Thursday, but is kept to a moment in in 2015.

so are all relatively small improvements over the current models. Or are plenty of people who crossed the line pull to the side to put a new, is doubtful. Their old iPad With the introduction of new iPhones always comes a wave of older iPhones on the secondhand market.


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