Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Air iPad 2 has a smaller battery than its predecessor because of the thin … –

This reports iFixit , a company that new phones and tablet disassembly and look at the parts.

The battery in the original iPad Air had a capacity of 32.9 Wh, while the Air 2 it has to do with 27.62 Wh. That is 16 percent less. The size of the battery shrank in iFixit by 15 percent.

Apple promises despite the increased performance and thinner casing same battery life as the original iPad Air, but according to the first reviews not true. that The smaller battery so actually shortens battery life.

writes Cnet in his review: “I found the battery life acceptable and similar to last year, that’s just not so impressive anymore:. many tablets and even laptops now ten pick hours or more. “

In a test of Recode ran the battery life even back 12 hours and 13 minutes last year to 10 hours and 37 minutes with the new IPAR Air. Engadget also has a standard battery life where it is measured and sees a similar difference: The original Air recorded a time of 13 hours and 45 minutes while the Air 2 stopped at 11 hours and 15 minutes. concluded smaller differences, but saw a slight decrease in battery life tests around browsing and watching videos.

Apple seems reduced battery life, so to have that to offer. Thinner casing, the new iPads next week comprehensive review and thereby also subjects the battery to test.


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