Sunday, October 12, 2014

Leaked pictures iPad 2 Air show fingerprint scanner and faster chip –

Photos Leaked iPad 2 Air show faster chip and Touch ID Photo: Tinhte

leaked photos of the Taiwanese Apple Club show the alleged chips from the upcoming iPad Air 2.

We see a A8X chip, presumably a faster version of the Apple A8 chip that is in the iPhone 6. The latest Apple iPads use the A7, the same chip found in the iPhone 5S. Apple previously put an X behind his accelerated A6 chip, when the iPad 4.

The working memory of the iPad 2 is, according to Air Apple Club 2 gb. iPhones and iPads have so far not had more than 1 GB of RAM.

In addition, the chip is also the Touch ID fingerprint scanner to see. So far only iPhones with that scanner equipped, but there were already rumors that the technology also would come. IPad

This fingerprint scanner can be used to unlock the tablet and secure apps and time to complete. payments online via credit card quickly

Also, the cover glass of the iPad Air 2 is shown. That is laminated with the touchscreen, which should provide brighter images and richer colors. Apple has invited the press for an event on 16 October, the new iPads are probably revealed.

Summary: Rumors about the new iPads


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