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In this course we will show you different ways you foto’s easy to get, so you always have them with you to show to others. on your iPad Then we also show you how as beautiful as possible to present, so you do not have to go through half your collection going to show. Photographs of that one vacation

Storage and backup

those pictures

Before we shore stabbing with all sorts of tips to get as many photos on your iPad get a little moment of reflection. For it is good to be aware of the fact that pictures can take quite some space. Consuming consciously Now we will see in this course will also discuss how you can reduce that space but still it is good to realize that if you really want on your iPad thousands of photos going to put that only useful if you have an iPad who also the space has (so no entry model with 16 GB, because you want to still be able to install apps). It is also wise to make sure that you have elsewhere have a backup of your photos. After all, if your iPad is broken, stolen or you lose it, you would lose all your photos and do not want to run that risk

Your iPad is perfect for storing photos, but remember to storage.


By far the easiest way to get your iPad to get photos from your desktop PC and iPhone is using iCloud. If you enable iCloud on both your iPhone, iPad, are photos you automatically put your iPad on your iPhone. Do you have a Mac and log it in iCloud with the same Apple ID? Then automatically put your iPad. You from your camera import them into iPhoto

Limit of storage is not there, but a disadvantage is that the photos are kept for 30 days or only the last 1000 (whichever limit you reach first). So you should still move the photos themselves to a permanent folder on your iPad when you want them. Available for longer than this period Of course, this only works if you have multiple Apple devices.

iCloud helps you to transfer photos to your iPad without you there to have to think.

Other cloud services

If you only have an iPad and no other Apple devices or find the limitations of the automatic iCloud sync uncomfortable, then you can consider to use for transferring photos. other cloud services It does not matter which cloud service you use, the principle is the same everywhere. First you install the app (eg Dropbox) on your desktop and on your iPad and possibly a smart phone where your photos it shoots.

Then you copy photos from your hard drive / photo card or any other source you use to a folder that you created in the cloud service. now have your pictures anytime and anywhere, even on your iPad, without taking up storage. disadvantage is of course that you need internet when you want to access.

pictures iCloud too limited, please use a different cloud service, which saves you storage too.


Another option that saves storage space, the use of a NAS. NAS stands for Network Attached Storage and literally means that you have somewhere storage that you can access within the network. (And with some settings beyond) are a good example of the NAS from Synology.

For this is also an app for the iPad are available so you can show. transfer photos from your NAS directly to your iPad Again, note that you need internet to view the photos.

A NAS is a convenient way to store images externally and yet always on your iPad to have long as you have internet access.


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