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Game Weekend: Pokémon TCG for iPad – One More Thing

Last week it was far. Nintendo (the App Store as The Pokémon Company International), the Pokémon trading card game released for the iPad ! Finally there is a real Pokémon game available for iOS. Enough reason for a review

The official name in the App Store:. Pokémon TCG Online . This makes it one of the requirements to see which are important to mention before I go to the game in terms of content. An Internet connection and an iPad with Retina display are required to play the game. Meet you this, then the party can of recognition, strategies, collecting and swapping begin!

To start the game you have an account Creating with Pokémon. In this account you are composite decks and collection of maps stored is also your saved progress. Do you play the Pokemon trading card game all online , you can log in with your existing account. Your achievements are synchronized between the two platforms.
 The cards are in English, tap twice to zoom in on a map.
playing for the first time, then you get offered to follow the tutorial. Are you unfamiliar with the Pokémon trading card game or is it sunk so far that you do not have ready the rules, then it is advisable to follow it. In the tutorial you will also get a brief introduction about the ministry.

The game is partially translated into Dutch, but this is mildly poorly executed. Dutch patches are interspersed with English sentences. All cards are fully in English. However, the information on the cards is important, by tapping twice on a map is enlarged, you can read it.
Pokémon TCG has several game modes. Do you play the tutorial, you start with the “trainer challenges. This is a game against the computer, where you can choose from three standard decks of cards in advance. Are you the tutorial, you can with trainer challenges or another game mode to try on. Choose ‘Versus’, then you can get started with your own deck of cards against online players. A quick race is a race with no choices in advance and the tournaments are multiple games with a ranking
There are three types of cards to play with. As with the ‘offline’ game with the papers Pokémon Pokémon TCG cards knows for iPad Pokémon cards Energy maps and Trainer cards . On the Pokemon card the Pokémon, the actions that the Pokémon can perform and the amount / type of energy needed for action. Energy cards are of a certain type (such as fire or water) and must be during the game, in order to perform an action. Linked to a Pokémon Trainer cards are special actions that affect the game. For example, make it better if you exchange your Pokémon hand of cards.

The goal is to defeat all of your opponent’s Pokémon and all six ‘price tags ‘worm (on the board on the left). If you defeat a Pokémon from your opponent, you may draw such a price tag. So you need to beat to win. Least six Pokémons After a win, you will receive points that you can redeem at the store and any new cards. The deck manager allows you to customize your deck and then again. You can also trade cards with other players.

Pokémon TCG Online for iPad is free to download and play. For the Pokémon fan is coming home and for players of card games a challenging game. The poor translation and many animations do something by the quality and speed of the game, but nevertheless Pokémon TCG highly recommended. Purchase cards for money is of course possible. Buy your example, a pack of paper maps the Intertoys, you can use the cards with code digitally get in your possession.

Download and play
Pokémon TCG Online is available for download in the App Store and compatible with all iPads with Retina display. The game requires at least iOS 7.0.

  • Pokémon TCG Online (iOS) – Free
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