Sunday, October 12, 2014

“Air iPad 2 gets 2GB RAM ‘- Tablets Magazine

Reportedly, the successor to the iPad Air, Air gets the iPad 2, a whopping 2GB of memory with it, double its predecessor. This information comes from Geekbar, previously also brought the barometer in the iPhone 6 Plus outward.

As Apple is planning to show his new iPad models on October 16 and and one of those models possible Air iPad 2, appear quite a few rumors about the device. Today, an Apple service provider, Geekbar, which brought out the Air 2 may get 2GB of memory, which will be compared to diens pastor . Geekbar was also the first who said the iPhone 6 Plus a barometer would get and that rumor eventually knocked too. This would thus still well be the truth.

last month also came the news that the iPad 2 Air 2GB would get. Of memory If the rumors are true, then Apple does not do that just because it can. Namely other rumors speak of the ability to multitask on the new iPad. Means of a split-screen Reportedly, Apple is currently working on the ability to run, where users can drag data from one side to the other two apps side by side – extra RAM would be more than welcome

The last time. Apple gave it a memory upgrade, it was when the company announced the iPad 3. When the tablet was 1GB of memory. That number has remained unchanged in the iPad 4 and Air. Add to that some mobile devices already 3GB of memory and it is safe to say that it really is time to also provide more processing power the iPad. Hopefully we get 16 October then really confirming any rumors, because, indeed, it took too long.


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