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7 time-saving tips for Office for iPad – Computer Total

Not too long ago, the use of Microsoft Office apps on an iOS device is nothing more than a dream that never came out. And when the Windows maker put the iOS world upside down by releasing its Office suite for the iPad


There was one big problem. You could in the free version only documents View . To edit existing documents or create new documents you had a Office 365 have subscription. But in November, Microsoft surprised everyone again by bringing an update that allows the editing of documents to the set free features belonged. Since then I have spent much time with the suite on my iPad and iPhone, and I also know some tips to give your mobile productivity a boost. Lees also: Faster typing in Word on your iPad

Add your Dropbox account

Dropbox file sharing go hand in hand, so you. you’ll probably Dropbox-bestanden Word, Excel, or PowerPoint want to approach. There are two simple methods to link Office to Dropbox:
1. Press profile picture and then press Add a Service .
2. Press the Open on the left side of the screen and then press Add a Place . Select Dropbox in the list and give the app permission to access your files.

 _ office_for_ipad_add_dropbox-02 100 568 473-large.jpg
Note: this should you do with any Office app you with Dropbox want to use.

Open from Dropbox, edit in Office

You can even from the Dropbox app start: While there looking at your files, you can send them to the Office apps to edit them. Open a file that is compatible with Office for viewing, and then press the Edit button in the bottom left corner. The document opens in the appropriate Office app, and you can then make changes and save them immediately back to your Dropbox account.

 _ office_for_ipad_edit_from_dropbox-03 100 568 474-large.jpg
Editing Files is free in the latest version of Office for iPad.


One thing that I find great about using a extern iPad keyboard , is that you can benefit from the same keyboard shortcuts that I know and like to use on my Mac. Office for the iPad has a lot, and Microsoft has listings for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Browse them a while, but they should happen immediately known – so you can cut, paste, copy, select all, and undo to immediately accelerate your workflow

There are even shortcuts to your documents. navigate through Option and the arrow keys to move the cursor up or down a paragraph in Word, for example. It may seem strange at first to navigate with the arrow keys while you can just touch the screen. But if you are used to using the keyboard of the Mac, this will happen to the familiar keyboard shortcuts they use on the external keyboard of the iPad.

Save Local copies

Saving a document in the cloud is fine and fine, as long as you are sure that you will have a data connection. If you have an important presentation to give, you do not want a broken Internet spanner in the throws. Save the document on your iOS device as a backup.

04 _ office_for_ipad_save_to_ipad-100 568 478-large.jpg
Save a local copy, you can save a lot of frustration.

If you file you want to save are viewing it on, press the document icon with two arrows forming a circle. In the list of options, select Duplicate and select your device from the list of storage options.

AutoFill Excel

It’s a hassle to a long list of same dates, numbers, months, years – everything really – having to type in an Excel spreadsheet. Fortunately, the iOS-versie Excel Auto Fill feature, just like on the desktop.

 05 _ office_for_ipad_fill_in_excel-100 568 475-large.jpg
AutoFill, perhaps the greatest relief in Excel.

Beginning with the first two cells to fill, so that Excel understands the pattern. Highlight the two cells so that the Copy menu will pop up and you Fill option will see stand. Press it, and drag the right arrow in the direction you want to go through the series. If your finger is lifted, the cells are filled automatically.

Formatting can match

Even if an app is optimized for touch screens, it can repeat tasks burdensome and tedious, and below certainly is match up the coming of the layout of various parts of your document.

_ office_for_ipad_copy_format-06 100 568 472-large.jpg
Give your document to make a tight match appearance by formatting come.

Start by marking a block of text with the formatting you want to reproduce, and press Copy in the pop-up. Then highlight the text you want to apply that format, and select Paste Formatting from the list of options. Simple death.

Laser beams

Admittedly, the Office apps have no lasers. However, there is some neplaser hidden in the presentation mode of PowerPoint. While you are presenting, probably from your iPad to a Apple TV or projector, you can hold the device’s screen to get a fake laser icon emerges that moves under your finger

 _ office_for_ipad_laser-07 100 568 476-large.jpg
You can also use different colors on the screen drawing, for an extra dramatic effect

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