Thursday, April 9, 2015

If you install Popcorn Time on your iPhone and iPad – Apparata

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 Popcorn-time ios app
As we said yesterday: Popcorn Time app is now available for iOS. It takes a little more effort than simply download from the App Store, but if you follow these simple steps, as he stands on your device.

Popcorn Time will bypass the closed Apple system with a homemade iOS installer, available from deze link can visit. For now this installer will only work on Windows PCs (it is a .exe file), but in the coming weeks must also be a version for Mac to come. Thanks to this little program prevents Popcorn Time you need to jailbreak your iOS device.

Connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod then use the USB cable to the computer where you just put on the installer. Then the screen will automatically appear instructions step by step show you what to do.

Send to your TV
The app makes it possible not only to movies and TV shows streaming to the screen of your iOS device, but also to your Chromecast or Apple TV. With a push of a button to send your video to your TV so you can easily and without HDMI cables can watch a movie on your big screen.

The question now is how long the app will be available for iOS. According Popcorn Time is in any case a team ready who is prepared to do battle with Apple. One thing that is certain is that Popcorn Time of course is simply illegal in the Netherlands because you use torrents to down- and upload movies

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