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The iPad includes 5 years. What has it brought us? – Iculture

steve jobs ipad “(…) and we call it: the iPad.” with the words Steve Jobs introduced in January 2010 the first iPad. Today, exactly five years since the iPad was available in stores. With this launch, the market for tablets came to life. How the iPad has since changed our lives?

iPad for business

Many people were excited about the new revolutionary Apple product. Yet there was also doubt. We really need? A middle ground between phone and laptop? If we look at the consequences are: companies and organizations massively switched to the iPad and paperless working was introduced. The arrival of the iPad is the market for computers upside put. At that time, the smartphone does not know what it is now and computers were big and clumsy. The iPad jumped perfectly between:. Portable, powerful and above all very easy to use

A small retrospective is in these cases always fun. What we thought five years ago about the iPad?

iPad for consumers

There were not only practical benefits, the iPad was also great fun to use. With the advent of apps for the iPhone, there was born a new market and this only increased with the introduction of the iPad. Especially playing games on an iPad a lot more comfortable than on the small screen of your iPhone. If we look at the sales figures, there is certainly a revolution in the living room: 61 percent of Dutch households currently has a tablet in his possession, the bulk of which is an iPad

The introduction of the. iPad may not have been revolutionary, since there is little more groundbreaking appeared. Hopefully soon again what our hearts beat faster as the Apple is available. Until then you can repeat all the keynotes of recent years (free) look back into iTunes

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