Thursday, April 16, 2015

Watch Apple sells much better than the first iPad and iPhone – iCreate Magazine

The first unofficial sales of the Apple Watch seep through and dizzy numbers: 1 million copies in one day. If you compare this with the first iPad and iPhone, it appears that Apple Watch it now does much better.

Android smart watches

Earlier this week, meldden We there on day 1 every 1 million copies were ordered in America. That’s one day more than that was sold to Android smart watches throughout 2014 ( 720,000 pieces ). The usually reliable KGI analysts predict that there will be at the end of May 2.3 million copies sold.

iPhone 6

The first Internet barkers were as quick to Apple Watch figures to label as flop. “The iPhone 6 sold in the opening weekend, after all, 10 million pieces. However, that is not a fair comparison; an established name for a new product. Therefore, it is much fairer to look at how the first iPad and iPhone sold. And that picture is a lot rosier

First iPad and iPhone

The first iPad was on the opening day sold 300,000 times . That was only in America, so selling the first Apple Watch (at least on the opening day) three times as good as the first iPad. It took the iPad eventually 28 days before million units were sold; when the first iPhone it took even 74 days before this milestone

The ball is in Apple Watch

So Apple Watch sells much better than. first iPads and iPhones did and everyone knows what a successful songs that have become final. The word is now at the Apple Watch. If that really so good, indispensable and “life enriching” as Apple claims, then there is nothing the Watch in the way to be Apple’s next hit.

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