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Protect your privacy: 20 Tips to hammer close your iPad – Macworld

An iPad is in your house constantly connected to wifi, and the device can send and receive simple data packets. Numerous companies make good use of this technology to steal all kinds of data from the iOS device. This information is ultimately very valuable to advertisers. In addition, you may also share data with other people unintentionally. One solution is of course to get wifi on your iPad completely off, but the opportunities in the tablet are very limited. For this reason, we take privacy settings with you, so that you know exactly what information you can and not shared with third parties. We start here with the basics such as location access, but also delve deeper into the settings.

 Introductie_L.png Many apps try to collect information about you for advertising purposes.

1 Location Restrict

Many app-builders want to know your exact location, while not a good reason for that. Such applications often have a tendency to use your location to serve up targeted ads. Here you can do something about it. Go to Settings / Privacy / Location Services . A list of apps that want to know your location appears. Walk all applications after and select Never if you want to block the access location. Some apps is also the reason stated why they ask for location information.

2 Location sharing

iPad share your location with friends in the possible applications Messaging and Find My Friends. When you send a message, it is automatically added to your current location. If you prefer not to allow others to see where you are, you turn it off. Navigate to Settings / Privacy / Location Services / Share my location . Set the switch behind a Share my location then out. Would you rather give no location information to people, apps, and websites? Return to the previous menu and deactivate the switch behind a Location Services .

 Privacy bewaken02_L.png Avoid contact exactly where you are.

3 Photo Access

Some applications want to access your photos. Via Settings / Privacy / Photos you can block access. Furthermore iPad snaps possible with other devices and perhaps save the files shared on iCloud. Want to save pictures only on the iPad? Go to Settings / Pictures and Camera . Deactivate the switches behind a iCloud photo library (beta) , My photostream and iCloud photo sharing . Keep in mind that with these institutions retain no automatic backup of your photos.

4 Bluetooth

Some apps to share data via bluetooth. An overview of these applications can be found at Settings / Privacy / Bluetooth share . Indicate which apps do this or do not have permission. Ask yourself further on whether you want to constantly bluetooth enabled on your iPad. The range of this wireless technology is not quite as big, but there is always a chance that others pick up the signal. Go to Settings / Bluetooth and deactivate the switch behind a Bluetooth to disable the function.

Privacy bewaken04_L.png Activate Bluetooth only when you To connect with another device.


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