Sunday, April 19, 2015

The long wall with Sony Xperia Z5, 6S iPhone and iPad Pro – Open

The rumor mill in the tech world is spinning so hard that you can generate enough energy to provide it with a small country always powered. We do not do that, because we are too busy with everything indiscriminately retyping what comes out hurled. So it goes this week on the Sony Xperia Z5, which is the successor of the Sony Xperia Z4 that still does not exist. We also caught some on the iPhone and the Apple iPad Pro 6S and we saw the first pictures of LG’s new Windows Phone.

Sony Xperia Z4? High time for the Sony Xperia Z5!

Sony Xperia Z4 has frequently been mentioned in this section and there is little that we do not think we know of that extension. Then we can every week resurrect a new meaningless detail unreliable source, but that gets boring. Luckily we caught this week some whispers about another extension: Sony Xperia Z5. You heard right, the Xperia Z4 has not even officially, whether one is already talking about his successor. Who is ‘they’? A totally non-known website Android Origin sources that they want to make themselves totally unknown. Sounds legit The Sony Xperia Z5 should end in 2015 already come in three varieties:. Sony Xperia Z5 Z5 Compact and Sony Xperia Sony Xperia Z5 Ultra
What is. then the new Sony Xperia Z5? A fingerprint scanner in the Ultra version, Quad-HD displays and Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chipset. Thus, the anonymous source. Of the one web site. We do not know. Sooo …

LG does once again a Windows Phone


Back in a far distant past. When Nokia still made smartphones, iPhones had touched cameras and we just could not get used to the new name of Microsoft’s mobile platform Windows Phone 7. That was the time that LG also made Windows Phones. The LG Optimus 7 for example. We suspect that it was not a success, because LG then threw herself on Android. If we have an anonymous tipper of tech site Neowin be believed, there will soon be about to change. They got a picture of an LG Windows Phone (or Windows 10 for Phones or how breeding nowadays too hot). That is quite the end of the story though.
Oh. No specs? No prices? No launch date? There is a logo of US carrier Verizon, so it may be that he has never been available on another network. In addition: who leaked photo I would with MS-Paint also put in a half minutes together

iPhone 6S makes end to bend gate

The iPhone 6S, that device that only about one. good 6 months may be presented, is firmer than its predecessor. It is used for the housing of Series 7000 aluminum, which is 60 percent stronger than the material which Apple is now used. Knows the to report Chinese UDN . Now the rumors of UDN knocking about as often as our opening sentences work, but this sounds more plausible best. Apple Watch also been making use of this type of aluminum. Modern racing also be made of the way.
But … that’s sturdy enough? Have you ever heard of someone that his bike is bent in his pocket? Well then …

Finally: Apple iPad Pro


hahaaa, jaaaa . There was a pause but also around the Apple iPad Pro do even rumors. Or rather, you can not even call it so wet fart. Sonny Dickson has been handed a piece of plastic in which he was told that the iPad Pro case is made by a company that has absolutely nothing to do with Apple. What can we deduce from this? That the iPad Pro gets a screen smaller than 12 inches and … well, that was it.
Cool. Thank You. I think so. Do not look at us, but thank Sonny.


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