Wednesday, April 8, 2015

First look at a possible “iPad Mini 4 ‘- One More Thing

It’s a familiar ritual. Before new Apple products come out, leaks often pictures of parts like the back off. The iPad is there early this year. new pictures is the back of what an iPad Mini 4 would have appeared.

The pictures show that the next iPad Mini is slightly thinner and more on the iPad Air 2 will appear. Thus the switch for screen rotation and mute is gone. No surprise, because those functions since iOS 7 also software in the control site.

at the bottom seems to be the alleged iPad Mini 4 more Air iPad 2. Instead of two rows of openings for the speakers, has only seen a row of holes
 iPad Mini 4-05

Last year, the iPad Mini 3 received a very limited upgrade. The small iPad was only provided with a fingerprint scanner, but the internal hardware was the same as those made in its corridor. The iPad Air 2 did get a new A8 chip, more memory and a better screen. Probably the hardware will be renewed this year.

For the enthusiast is made a movie of the alleged iPad Mini 4 back. Advice on the watch: sound softer

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