Thursday, April 16, 2015

Holy iPad Pope delivers $ 30,000 on – Macworld

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News The Pope iPad has brought at auction more than $ 30,000. Unknown whether any sensitive data or photos on.

The auction was in Uruguay, the iPad came out of the hands of a local priest that the iPad earlier had received from His Holiness. The priest had the iPad donated to a school to raise money for the further development of local education.

The lucky buyer will get not just an iPad. No, there is a certificate of Holiness in, published by the Vatican. The iPad is also equipped with an inscription of Pope Francis, who is originally from Argentina, a neighboring country of Uruguay.

The buyer was not disclosed, as reports AFP . The auction Castells that the bidding process led, said the winning bid by telephone is done. For now, the Holy iPad is worth more than the Holy Apple-1, now being offered on eBay to bidding. Then is currently the highest bid just over $ 20,000, but that may still rise. The auction will last eight days

Below the Holy iPad with inscription (AFP photo)

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