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Review: Case with Keyboard for iPad Air – Tablet Guide

The Dutch Gecko Covers sells a cover with built-in keyboard, designed for the iPad Air. I tested these fifty euro costing accessory three weeks, my findings can be read in this review

Who thinks. ‘Gecko Covers, which name seems to me, “that’s right. A few months ago I did a cover for the Nexus 7 (2012) of this company a Review subject . A month ago, won Gecko Covers the Home Shopping Awards in 2015 and launched a Keyboard Cover for the iPad Air , which is discussed in this review.


The accessory has been designed specifically for the iPad Air, which you click in the case. Other tablets do not fit in, maybe with the exception of the second generation iPad Air, but I have not tested it. The dimensions of the cover are 18.6 x 24.1 x 0.94 inches and weighs 480 grams including keyboard. The case has cutouts for all buttons and connectors of the tablet, which are then also be used without problems.


The outside of the case is according Gecko Covers ‘artificial leather’, but I think it’s somewhat cheap feel. In some soggy (sweat) hands the cover very slippery, not fine. The material attracts dirt, ranging from dust to breadcrumbs. Fingerprints however do not seem to linger, which saves it. The finish of the case is good: after being used for three weeks, he still looks like new

The keyboard is not recognized in the case but is loosely used, possibly with a different tablet..

The inside of the case is made of non-slip material to fix firmly as the keyboard and the iPad. In order to hold the keyboard in place when typing, both the inside of the case and the keyboard provided with small magnets. In practice, this system seems to work well: the iPad and keyboard remain neatly stand and are good to use. By a mechanism the tablet can also be rotated 360 degrees and you all in the typing stand so used both horizontally and vertically.

The keyboard remains on the inside of the case stick if you close do, so the thought. This often, but sometimes it does not work. The keyboard rests more with the buttons on the screen of the iPad, which also seems not ideal. Now I can not detect damage to the screen, but an accidental residual grain bread on a key can scratch the screen. Perhaps a screen protector is not a foolish choice when using this accessory. You also may choose to transport loose the keyboard to avoid the risk of scratches. This makes sure that the case loses much of its strength.


Installation Process

The first time you connect you will need to ensure that the full keyboard is charged and the switch right of the keyboard “on” state. Turn on Bluetooth on your iPad, press the ‘connect’-button on the keyboard. Click on your iPad Bluetooth 3.0 keyboard ‘and the connection is established.

If the iPad and keyboard are connected and you switch the keyboard, you can start typing immediately if you keyboard on again. The same applies if you turn off the iPad instead of the keyboard. When you disable an active Bluetooth connection on your iPad, you have to perform the above process again. Connecting joined me by the book and takes less than a minute.


The keyboard is lightweight, compact and thin. It has a battery that should be charged with a (included) Micro-USB cable. It is not known to me how long the battery life is on paper, but in practice to call it excellent. Out of the box I have the keyboard fully charged (this took about two hours) and after using it for three weeks to do it is not empty.


Since the keyboard is so compact, the keys are smaller than a laptop or PC keyboard. In particular, the backspace key is on the tight side, which I would have liked a little bigger. Overall, however, I was able to pick good on the keyboard. Although the keys are klikkerig (plastic) make noise, they give good feedback and feel perfectly. In recent weeks, I have the iPad with this keyboard cover used for news on the train and write summaries of lectures and that worked fine. All reports, however, I see myself not to make, then I turn right over to my desktop with associated keyboard.

The keyboard has a row of function keys that can be used by ‘Fn’ key and function key, eg ’5′ button. The function keys can include controlling the volume, pause a song, and the brightness of the display to adjust up or down. Fine and necessary additives for example because the volume buttons of the iPad are covered in the typing stand.



This accessory focuses on who his iPad experience to create and productive there in my well managed. The material used for the exterior of the case I do not think so, but the main points are fine. The rotation system works fine, as does the choice of non-slip material to achieve the typing stand. The keyboard can be used separately, has good battery life and good tap away. Also nice are the available function keys that you can manage some simple things. The price tag of five decades seems like a decent price for an accessory like this and all in all I’m excited.

The cover is available in the shop of Gecko Covers for € 49.99. What do you think of this iPad accessory?


On the pictures below you will see more of the Gecko case with keyboard.


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