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9 iPad typical problems –

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Background The iPad is also the sixth generation still a nice device, but it remains a computer, and computers do not always get what we want. We give here first aid at the ninth most common iPhone problems – plus we give there are six convenient use tips

Anyone who’s an iPad. owned knows he has had – like all computers – sometimes does not do what he should do. Whether it is a non-responsive screen, an overheat warning or do not want to charge, the result remains the same: you have to figure see out what is wrong with it and how to get the thing again gets to talking

One shortcoming is that the iPad does not come with a detailed manual or diagnostic software to find out what is happening inside the casing. The user manual that you like PDF can download Apple’s support site are good starting points, but even these sources are sometimes not enough when you’re dealing with a fickle iPad.

Following a some useful troubleshooting routines for the most common problems with the iPad, along with tips and tricks to make the system work the way you want. This can help when the screen does not respond, or if you have trouble synchronizing your iPad to a computer.

In many cases you can find the solution in the Settings app from the iPad, where all important configuration choices. But there is a limit to what you can do. So you bother change the battery yourself , adding memory chips and storage is not possible, and even recalibrate the touch screen is not possible. Such repairs you’ll iPad must return to Apple or iPad to a professional repair technician should look.

With the tips, tricks and solutions that follow work your iPad much smoother and you are done with your work much faster. We use these tips besides iOS version 8.1.2.

Problems with the Wi-Fi connection

Using a Wi-Fi network, you can use the iPad ‘free’ with the rest can connect to the world. (In some models, you can also stop a SIM card.) Unfortunately, there are many potential problems with the connection. The Wi-Fi range of the iPad is more limited than that of most notebooks: the early generations of iPad have a maximum range of 20 meters, while the range of most notebooks is located more than 30 meters. So if you encounter it often helps to sit a little closer to the router.

If your connection fails repeatedly, try to refresh the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) lease. Go to Settings , click Wi-Fi and press the small blue i’tje to the right of the network you want to use; click on “Renew Lease ‘under the IP data to refresh the connection to the router.

If that does not help, use static IP addressing instead of DHCP. Create an IP address that is not used by the router – it starts in any case usually with (I usually choose to avoid a number at the top of the range of the router to conflicts with DHCP IP addresses.) Jump to Settings , click Wi-Fi and select network. Then press the ‘ static and enter the address in the IP address . Do not forget to fill in the rest of the data.

Power Problems

Most iPads with a fully charged battery, about 7 to 8 hours. Gives you that by no? Here are some things you can do for a longer battery life:

  • Dim the screen Go to the “Display and brightness. ‘section of the Settings page to turn off auto adjust and set the screen brightness to a maximum of about 50% to 75%. This you can do by sweeping up the bottom of the home screen and the right to use the scroll bar
  • Turn off Bluetooth. If you are not using a wireless keyboard or speakers, turn off Bluetooth by going to the ‘setup’ page, click on Bluetooth, and sliding the switch to ‘off’.
  • Turn off the modem. If you do not use the 3G or 4G modem, you can disable the “Cellular Data” section at touching on the “Settings” page and switch to ‘mobile data’ to ‘off’ to slide.


Once in a while, for no apparent reason, the iPad it stops and does not respond to touch. Usually the cause is a software problem. Then there are three things you can do:

  • Close the active application off by twice the Home button pressing so that the system shows all open applications. Wipe the image of the stalled app upwards.
  • If that does not help, try a soft reset by the Hibernate button and hold for about five seconds until the Shut Down slider appears. Push it with your finger over it to turn off the iPad. When it is off, press the Sleep button again to turn the device without the problem application.
  • Still having trouble? Then it’s time to to reset the whole system again and start with a clean slate. This time, press the Sleep button along with the Home button in. The screen goes black and the Apple logo appears. The iPad starts again and will (hopefully) back fine.

Close jammed apps by wiping up in the list that you get by pressing the Home button twice.

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