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Duet makes iPad useful next MacBook Air – One More Thing

Property you like I have a 11 “ MacBook Air and a iPad , you’ll probably recognize this feeling: “which of the two I will bring again today? “In terms of size, weight, and business functionality because there is not that much difference.

The recently launched Duet will change this and ensure that you take them both in the future. Duet namely expanding the small MacBook screen with the screen of your iPad. Not through a fragile and slow Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection, but simply through the Lighting or 30-pin USB cable.

And it must be said, it works like a charm. According to the makers is that partly because they themselves have worked as a developer at Apple. Do they know something that other developers do not know? The fact is that the iOS app required neatly Apple’s approval process has come through.

 Landscape or portrait. It does not matter Duet.

Landscape or portrait. It does not matter Duet.

In addition to the cable’s fast, it also ensures that you do not deflate iPad during use. The extra screen is touch sensitive, so you Mac can control your iPad with your fingers, one finger tab, two fingers to scroll. The finger-twister-tricks trackpad that lets you launch Mission Control and Launchpad Expose, understands the iPad screen (yet). When you bepotelt your Mac for a while through the screen, you can see why Apple does not touch on the MacBook or iMac mount. iOS is a lot better with fingers.

Duet runs on all iPads and iPhones with iOS 5.1.1 7.0 or later and all Macs from OS X 10.9 Mavericks. For slightly older iPads you can to conserve energy and processor halve the refresh rate and off retina support.

To use Duet have a free helper app need to install an additional video driver on your Mac. You also need the 14 euro costing Duet App install on your iPad. Install them both, connect iPad to your Mac via the USB cable and start the Duet app. That’s all there is to it …

[UPDATE] Although, as the comments in this article prove it does not work at all flawlessly. Contrary to the information in the App Store shows the FAQ Duet Duet Display that is currently working as iOS 7. Should it be disappointing to you, the App Store now gives 14 days je money back. No questions asked.

John David Hanrath

Jan David Hanrath is co-founder of One More Thing, as well as architect specialized in the construction of libraries. You can find it at Twitter and Linkedin. Lees more articles by Jan David .


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