Friday, January 2, 2015

With Duet make an external display of your iPad – Bright

Still somewhere swinging an old, unemployed iPad? Make it easy Duet with an external display for your Mac.

Once you have made a second screen on his computer really can not be without. Too bad you can not take it with you. There are solutions like Air Display, which allows you to connect your iPad or Android tablet wirelessly to a PC or Mac. Convenient, but you have a relatively new iPad is needed, and it only works if both devices are on the same Wi-Fi network.

More convenient than Duet, a new iOS app developed by former employees of Apple. The simple app turns your iPad or iPhone to an external display for your Mac. It’s very simple: open the app on your iPad for example, install once the Mac app and plug the USB cable into both devices. You can get started right away: your Mac sees the iPad as normal external screen, and you can easily set you setup the right or left of your main

You can set in the app or you. wants to use the full resolution of the iPad, or a scaled version. You can also choose between a fast 60 frames per second, or half. Halving resolution and frame rate according to the developer for better battery life when there is no power outlet nearby. Also nice: you can turn your iPad or iPhone as you want, just the image rotates. And the touchscreen works: you can Mac programs simply operate with your fingers

The speed is like the developers promise fine:. There is hardly any lag, though slowing things to a lot of quick mouse movements however slightly. However, in normal use, nothing to notice. The biggest advantage of the app is likely that also works with older tablets. There is now support from iOS 6.0 and later, which will soon be reduced to 5.1.1 and higher. That means that even the very first iPad as an additional screen could be used, if you still have sway somewhere.

Download Duet iOS (8.99 euros)


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