Monday, January 19, 2015

iPad stand Snowstorm makes keyboard superfluous – iculture

For months we hear rumors a iPad Pro for business . The main challenge seems: you workers, who sometimes have to type long texts, offer a pleasant experience? On a touchscreen does not feel so cozy. Kickstarter project Snowstorm has found a special solution: an iPad stand that makes it possible to film the camera of the iPad your fingers so that it can be projected on the screen and you can control the iPad behind a desk.

snowstorm standard

Snow Storm is actually a kind of easel where you turn on the iPad, with a number of mirrors at the back so the camera of your iPad can film your fingers on the desk. This standard actually does nothing: there is no lightning connector and no USB connection is made. Apps that support Snowstorm, use the camera of the iPad to film your fingers. Projected on the screen so you can see which button hangs above your finger. The software looks or you press your finger on the table and registers it as a push of a button on the screen. Of course, not every tabletop same, so the Kickstarter is promised a special mat that goes into production if there is more than one hundred thousand dollars donated. Incidentally, this system also works with a stylus.

Direct link to the Kickstarter video

The only disadvantage of this system is that you must have apps that support Snowstorm as a way to control the app. That currently does not have any app and therefore invented herself is now there to develop some. This makes the product of course now not very useful. We would however find hugely cool if Apple would pick up this system and use it as a new controller for the iPad.
The Kickstarter SnowStorm standard delivered in February. If you donate $ 49 or more, you get sent home there.


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