Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Khan Academy offers full courses on iPad from – iculture

Online learning platform Khan Academy is now much more extensive available on the iPad. The app contains thousands of courses and more than 5,000 videos about various topics. Khan Academy began in 2008 with courses, especially in the field of mathematics. A iOS app followed in 2012 , but its content was more limited than what you saw on the desktop. While still growing is a clear shift toward online courses follow, preferably on mobile devices.

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The nonprofit organization now also offers the full online experience on the iPad, including videos and practice exercises. Everything you find on the website, is also reflected in the iPad app. That means more than 150,000 interactive exercises. That is precisely the content that most users now make the most use of

Still, Khan Academy has not just stopped the exercises in the app:. They are adapted to the touchscreen. With geometric figures example, you can touch them and rotate. There’s also handwriting recognition, something on the desktop was not yet possible. A stylus would then good stead . The app is also logically divided: instead of seven screen clicks you can achieve content now within two ticks

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And the app is not yet complete, as there will also be a study aid. Looking what questions you answered correctly and how much time you needed to answer. On that basis, the app allows new commands, so you can strengthen weak spots. Progress is synchronized between iPad and desktop so you can switch effortlessly between devices. The iPhone does not belong there yet in, because this comprehensive content is preliminary only accessible via the iPad. Also notable: on other platforms such as Windows and Android Khan app is not even available.

Khan Academy: learn math, biology, chemistry, economics, art history and almost anything for free


iOS 7.0 or later


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