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Racy photos on iPad brings Barneveldse teacher embarrassed –

Artwin Kreekel
16-1-15 – 15:13

teacher wants after incident no longer at the school work

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PVSE students of the Protestant school’s Gain in Barneveld have been a teacher seriously embarrassed by sneaking a photo to making her bare lower back and distribute it via the internet. The teacher does not want to work at the school after the incident.

According to Kees Hake, chairman of the board of directors of the school, the offending photograph was taken in the classroom. ,, The teacher during a lesson with iPads crouched beside a student, give him something to explain, “said Hake. ,, Second-year students from secondary school, who sat behind her, made with the camera on the tablet PC pictures of her naked lower back. ”

The teacher came here during the next lesson, a day later, back. ,, She saw two students laugh in class while they looked at the screen of a phone. When she asked if she could have the phone, she was not provided “

. Discontinued

The team leader has the students called directly together, and explained that what happened can not.

Kees Hake, The Added Value

Hake understood later the boys loaded at least one photo of the iPad on a phone, and then spread over the internet. ,, The team leader has the students immediately called together, and explained that what happened is not can. Also, the students who have spread summoned to remove the photo. “

The teacher has discontinued her lessons on the Added Value. ,, She worked with us through a flex pool, and was therefore not in permanent employment, “said Hake ,, For her it was the incident drop:. They already had been to stop thinking with pre-vocational secondary education because it is not in its paste “

. Commotion

The students who have scattered the pictures are scolded,” said Hake, , Such action can have very serious consequences. Luckily she was not recognizable in the picture. ” According to the school director underlines the incident that pupils should be made clear how to deal with technology and social media. ,, Adolescent behavior is of all times, but Internet is such a natural action much larger forms. The students were very impressed by all the commotion. “

Hake is the action of the two disciples no reason to stop working with iPads. The taping of the camera is not considered. Pupils ,, to expand in the future, we are there. And that also means that you will learn how to deal with technology. Make them otherwise no picture with an iPad, then they do with their phone. “

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