Monday, January 26, 2015

As an iPad Stylus Pro can look (draft) – iculture

iPad Pro Martin Hajek The rumor mill is slowly but surely more to talk about the iPad Pro. The latest rumors was a very remarkable development: Apple would sell a stylus on the iPad Pro , which you can write or draw easier. How would that look like? The Dutch concept creator Martin Hajek has a concept made of these larger iPad. Including the smart pen

Hajek’s iPhone Pro is primarily a bigger iPad Air, with one crucial difference:. The thick bezel on both sides is back. Perhaps a requirement to hold better the big iPad. The speakers are at the top and bottom, and the home button seems really only consist of a Touch ID button.

iPad Pro Martin Hajek 2
iPad Pro Martin Hajek 3

The most interesting, however, Hajek’s vision of the iPad Stylus Pro . This pen is entirely in Apple’s style designed, with close to the point capacitive slider. That allow you to make the point thinner or thicker in one app. The top of the pen has a Digital Crown for additional control. This same knob is also on the Apple . If you hold the pen in addition may monitor your heart rate.

iPen Martin Hajek 1
iPen Martin Hajek 2
iPen Martin Hajek 3
iPen Martin Hajek 4

Martin Hajek does not work with Apple, but has in recent years have made many impressive concepts. We have worked with him, for example, the design of the iPhone 5s largely correctly predict

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