Sunday, January 25, 2015

Apple adds more features to smart cover iPad “- All About Phones

Apple has registered a new patent which shows how the smart cover for iPad gets more features. If you let the back cover one section, there will emerge controls that represent the most commonly used features of the tablet.

 Apple adds more features to smart cover iPad 'Apple iPad Smart Cover patent

As is known build the smart cover of the iPad into four sections. So you can fold it into a sort of triangular tube, where the iPad can lie or stand against it. The smart cover makes the iPad look like he is beaten shut, and then turn it on again when the tablet detects that the cover disappears for the screen.

This seems to be especially useful for the larger 12-inch iPad, which Apple to would work. The new patent describes how the cover new features shows as he is only one section is beaten back. Then there will emerge on screen buttons for example, email, calendar and music. Perhaps those buttons are programmable, allowing the user themselves are most used apps can set up. Pressing such a button does the iPad than just show the last e-mail, or to have heard music or spend the next calendar appointment in view.

Something like that we see all with smart covers for various smartphones such as the Galaxy Note series and the LG G-series. That checks which some frequently used apps display their information as the cover is closed.

The Apple patent also describes several gestures the user can make to the apps that come so forth, and operate menus which shows the iPad when the cover is only partially open.

Whether the iPad also reacts differently when two or three sections of the cover are open beaten, the patent does not explicitly, but it could perhaps for example, a video only on the visible portion of the screen.

The patent is also likely that new hardware entail, such as multiple magnetic sensors, a light sensor and maybe the front camera on the iPad used to “see” what the user wants.


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