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Why the iPad Pro may get a stylus – iculture

Sensu iPad stylus It was easily one of the most sensational rumors of last weekend: Apple wants the larger iPad Pro give a stylus . This iPad pen could be immensely popular with business and creative users. But why should this stylus are so important? And why Apple is different from the vision of Steve Jobs, who once were strongly against the use of a stylus?

The iPad Pro would be using his stylus for more precise control than the current iPad. Because a nib much thinner than than your finger, you see what you what you are doing. Just as with an ordinary pen and paper. The iPad Pro would lend itself perfectly for this productive tasks, such as taking notes or drawings. Before the iPad stylus need not be a ‘simple’ pen: with a few tricks Apple&# 8217;s stylus can be smarter than competing devices. A year ago, Apple had already 22 stylus patents this pocket.

Why Apple opts for a stylus

iPad Pro Curved concept 1 Although a stylus many benefits it brings, Apple seems at first sight rather make a concession. They thus namely going against a ruling of Steve Jobs, in which the now deceased CEO taunted the use of a stylus:

Who wants a stylus? You need to get him and hide. You lose him. Yuck. Nobody wants a stylus

However, the ruling of Jobs is now a bit older:. He criticized the use of a pen in 2007, when the first iPhone was introduced. This iPhone was also a completely different product than the iPad Pro that passes lately in rumors. The first iPhone was a device intended primarily for consumption, while the iPad Pro would focus on the business market and production. Business iOS users have been using all accustomed additional devices: for writing longer texts on an iPad is indeed often a physical keyboard with packed

We have Apple is also often see return on statements by. Jobs. With the introduction of the iPad he called ideal 9.7-inch screen of the tablet: you made a smaller tablet, you had your fingers in his filing to good to touch the buttons. Later, however, Apple introduced yet a 7.9-inch iPad mini

Stylus:. handy for taking notes

Patent stylus paper to iPhone Aim Apple with the iPad Pro on the business market, then the tablet will soon find in many conference rooms. Since the stylus would soon may find useful: by writing with the stylus on the screen, you would write notes as you would on a piece of paper. That Apple would offer an interesting compromise. Because although you can write all the time along with the virtual keyboard of the iPad, it is sometimes difficult to maintain a high pace with this. A physical Bluetooth keyboard is bring a solution, but such a keyboard is ballast that you really do not want to take.

By allowing you to ‘old-fashioned’ way to write, the iPad can convert your text Saving for signs and for example your Notes app. Functionality to the iPad app Penultimate now offers already partly with thicker iPad styli or your finger. Interest to the business world, but also for schools you want as quickly as possible co-writing on an iPad.

A patent from 2011 describes an iPad pen can pass at a distance movements . This can have an interesting application for sharing notes. While writing on the iPad Pro Pen example by giving all movements on the iPads of colleagues, making them live with you can watch it on the screen.

Drawing with a stylus

procreate Creative iPad Pro users could use the special pen for example, making drawings. Before that, the precision of the stylus good may come in handy: you have a thin tip, so you can see exactly where you draw well at the moment. However, the pen can only precision even more benefits entail. Apple describes as a patent how the stylus can be used to certain parts of the screen to “feel” , so you get the idea that you are working on a different texture. Convenient to recognize the limits of a sheet of paper on feeling, or to get the idea that you draw on a particular type of paper. Apple is also patented in 2013 an active stylus that lets you increase or decrease the screen down to thick or thin lines to draw

More than a stylus. ?

moleskine_Livescribe-hand With current patents, Apple iPad Stylus Pro make more than a simple pin. Therefore, it is still the question of how Apple wants to bring the pen exactly on the market. This is an accessory that you will only use with the iPad? If Apple is going to make a device that you bring with you anywhere, even if you do not have to bag the iPad Pro? Apple could combine many of the techniques with a ‘normal’ pen, making you even analog texts collect your iDevices. A feature we know from example the LiveScribe pen

iPad Pro 2015

Perhaps There is much about the iPad. Pro written, but we still have to wait until he is for sale. According to sources, the larger tablet will appear later this year, possibly somewhere, between April and June. You all the rumors and other information about the iPad Pro in our file


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