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Continuity: your Mac, iPhone and iPad work better together – Tablets Magazine

Continuity is a brand new feature that Apple products better late work together. So you can wirelessly transfer files, and continue working with certain apps where you left off on another device. Virtually all modern iPhones, iPads, and Macs are supported.

Opportunities continuity


handoff is possible to continue where you left off on a device. Handoff works standard with the next Mac, iPhone and iPad applications from Apple Mail, Safari, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, Cards, Messages, Reminders, Calendar and Contacts. Developers themselves must integrate support for Handoff in their own apps. Most popular apps already have here, such as Google Chrome, Airbnb, Wallet and Wunderlist.

Handoff continuity multitasking

Enable or disable Handoff can by going to your iPad or iPhone to Settings, then to general and then Handoff and proposed to apps. On the Mac, go to System Preferences, General, and then tick the bottom ‘Allow Handoff between the Mac and your iCloud devices to “on or off.

When you’re browsing on your Mac or email writes, a small icon will appear on your iPad and iPhone left corner of the lockscreen. When you slide it up, just like the camera, open the associated app and you can continue where you left off. Also appearing Handoff apps in the multitasking menu on your iPhone and iPad. Press twice quickly on the round button on your iPad, and swipe to the right to open the apps via multitasking. Conversely it also works on your Mac. Apps that are open on your iPhone or iPad appear at the left in your dock.

Handoff continuity lockscreen

Calling from the Mac and iPad

Continuity also allows you to make calls via your Mac or iPad. When these devices are connected to the same network as your iPhone, this is done automatically. Do note that there have been some delays, only if your iPhone a few times passed is the message on your Mac or iPad that you receive a call and you can record.

From other apps you can also call . Mac or iPad automatically recognize phone numbers, and by tapping your phone number directly. The cost of this call will be simply added to your regular voice minutes on the bill from your phone provider, unless of course you are calling via FaceTime.

iOS 8 continuity

Send SMS

Like calling is also possible to send SMS messages. For this you open the messages app. When your iPhone is connected to the same network can send messages via your Mac and iPad and receive SMS. MMS is also possible to send images in your posts. As used when calling via your Mac or iPad are costs added to your sent messages on the bill from your phone provider, unless you iMessage.

Instant hotspot

Instant hotspot is also a new feature that comes with continuity. It allows you to set up a personal WiFi network without having to pack your iPhone. It is important that your provider allows the creation of a personal hotspot, and you have this enabled through settings. Then you can click on the WiFi menu on your Mac your iPhone. You see, among others mentioned you work through what connection (4G, 3G or Edge) and how much battery your iPhone has.

Instant hotspot continuity

instant hotspot using your iPad in turn open your settings, go to Wi-Fi and select your iPhone with personal hotspot’s. The advantage of instant hotspot is that no password is required: because Apple will see the Apple ID is the same between the two devices, the connection is established immediately. Moreover, the connection is smart, so is used for connecting Low Energy Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi to send data quickly. If you use just no internet disconnects automatically to save battery life.


Airdrop is the last feature associated with continuity. Airdrop was there before, but then worked only between multiple Macs. Now it works also between the iPad and iPhone. Airdrop is suitable to move files wirelessly. To send a file using your iOS part menu on your Mac, open the Finder. When someone has turned on Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, the device will automatically appear in the Airdrop menu. You can now transfer files.

 Airdrop continuity

Do note that iPads and iPhones are only visible when they are unlocked. Moreover there when it received first accepted via an iPad or iPhone.

Veristen continuity

For the iPhone and iPad for using continuity iOS 8 needed. To send SMS messages from your iPad or Mac, or to use the instant hotspot functionality, iOS 8.1 is required. Make sure you use the same iCloud account = for both devices, and have the same Wi-Fi network connection. Also turn bluetooth on, but making a connection is not necessary. If one of the options of continuity does not work, try logging in again with your iCloud account.

For the Mac OS X Yosemite required. To check if your Mac Bluetooth Low Energy and supports handoff, go to the Apple logo top left, system overview and then bluetooth. Find out if there is a ‘yes’ behind Bluetooth Low Energy supported and supported Handoff state. Then make sure you use the same iCloud account, use the same Wi-Fi network and Bluetooth on.

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