Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Using Safari Reader playback on iPhone and iPad – iCreate Magazine

Safari Reader playback on your iPhone and iPad, you can read articles on the internet without distracting and intrusive advertising banners and links. When you browse a page that can use the Reader in Safari, appears with an icon in the left adresblak.

This and many other workshops for iPad, iPhone and iOS 8 can be found in the large iPad & amp; iPhone book .

1. Page open in Safari

Back to Original Safari Start the Safari app on your iOS device and start browsing. Keep the address bar to watch to see if the Reader icon appears to the left (four lines) you will see that the page you are reading is compatible.

2. Reader

 Safari Reader Like a page showing the Reader icon, then tap it on to the page to transform into a more readable format. All sidebars, advertisements and unnecessary distractions disappear.

3. Adjust text size:

 Text Resize You can adjust the text size by going to Settings & gt;; General & gt Text Size ‘and there placing the slide on the desired spot.

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