Friday, January 30, 2015

Leaked cover ‘shows’ the arrival of a larger iPad Pro –

A new photo shows a cover that would be made for iPad Pro. The larger tablet from Apple will, if we may believe the picture, four speakers.

The picture was published by the French site Nowhere Else. According to the site, the image of a reliable source that “for years is good contact.” Nowhere Else has more leaked images that turn out to be wrong afterwards.

iPad Pro sleeve ipad pro sleeve

The image shows a cover by a party other than Apple has been made. The product is presented for comparison not somewhere next, so it remains gambling on size, but there is likely to fall in a large tablet with a diameter of between 12.2 and 12 , 9 inches.

If you look closely at the cover, you can see above and below cut-outs for the speakers. That could mean that get the new iPad four speakers for stereo sound, which is fine for listening to music or watching videos. The right side has recesses for volume buttons at the top of the headset and a power button. Upstairs in the back There is room for a camera and bottom center is the lightning port.

On the left is yet to see a hole. Where that is intended for is unknown although it could be room for a sim card.


Makers of cases and covers their often form with information leaked design specifications and information, so it may be that this cover is not quite right. Yet it plausible that this year finally comes greater iPad on the market. About a “iPad Pro ‘is already spoken since 2013. Perhaps he comes in the second or third quarter of this year on the market.

iPad Pro

Another rumor is that this iPad gets a stylus in order to better handle it. In addition, the screen size between 12 would , 2, and 12.9 inches in lie, the iPhone would get a A8X- or A9 processor and the design is in the extension of The iPad Air , with a thin body and a high resolution screen.

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