Thursday, January 15, 2015

Kickstarter app now available for the iPad – Tablets Magazine

Kickstarter today updated its iPhone app. The app now works entirely on an iPad and use the larger screen. In addition, there are small improvements have been made.

Kickstarter iPad app

The Kickstarter app was first not yet available for the iPad. Remarkably, because more and more people browse the Internet using their iPad and more people also visit Kickstarter via their iPad. The iPad app was also a lack Users of older tablets often complained about the crash of Safari while watching a Kickstarter video. That is no longer on the agenda.

Home Screen

The most important part of the new app is the home screen. On this one you discover new Kickstarter projects, by sorting ranked category, popularity, date or more. Who has already supported a project through Kickstarter also get to see a white square updates of projects. So you can track the progress of the projects supported.

 Kickstarter iPad app

New look

The new app uses the larger screen of the iPad, and thereby changed the rest of the look. There is lots of room for projects. When viewing a film project the default screen. By scrolling down you can find more information such as rewards, comments and updates. The new look is also available for the iPhone.


Finally, there are small improvements that make the use of the app easier. So you can, if you use 1Password, your username and password automatically get filled. In addition, the app using many gestures: for example, by swiping left or right when viewing a project, go to the next project

The new Kickstarter app is free to download from the App Store. and available for both iPhone and iPad.


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