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Five years iPad: Flashbacks and the Future – One More Thing

Five years ago, Steve Jobs showed the iPad to the world. According to Jobs ideal for browsing, photos, videos, and email. But where the iPad really shines out? With declining sales that question is more relevant than ever. Koen, Luke and John David thought there in 2010 as follows:

Moderate receipt

The iPad appeared after an announcement on January 28, on April 3, 2010 in stores. Dutch and Belgians had to wait until July 23, 2010 Apple’s tablet was for sale. Initially, the iPad was not understood. The device was too big to hold, had no camera, no USB ports and even a Flash Player. (achteraf easy laugh )

Fastest adoption ever

Although the first iPad was a very limited device, quickly became both hardware and software adult . The sales were huge and soon appeared in every house an iPad. The iPad grew faster than the iPhone and iPod together. A chicken with endless golden eggs, so it seemed.
 ipadaption chart

Speed ​​Bump

The huge growth in iPad sales were not forever . In 2014, Apple first saw a drop in sales and also the last quarter were 18 percent sold fewer iPads . Apple CEO Tim Cook responded by stating that the tele tablet market is disappointing and only a tijdelijke threshold is that Apple allows to create an even better iPad.


From the iPad 1 (13.4 mm) to iPad Air 2 (6.1 mm)


That Apple iPad will continue to make is clear, but in what form? The trend is greater. Besides a bigger iPhone, would also fit a larger iPad. It has been rumored for some time on a 12-inch iPad Air Plus that may get an optional stylus. (Who wants a stylus? )

Apple doubled the iPad Air 2 RAM to 2GB. In the past, doubling the memory was almost always followed by new functionality in iOS. In iOS 8 has been een stub made with split screen apps. A concept of the iPad Stylus Pro:
Does the iPad conquered your heart or you can still fine without it?


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