Friday, January 2, 2015

Create a second Mac screen of your iPhone or iPad with Duet Display –

Do you have an iPad or iPhone and a Mac (Book)? Then you can from your Apple mobile platform make a second monitor because the app Duet Display.

Duet Display

For many people screen need, but on the move, an additional monitor is not as convenient to carry. Now you have with the app Duet Displaying a second monitor for 13.99 euros. That’s pricey, but cheaper than a new monitor. For this amount makes your old iPad or your iPhone 6 Plus to a second display.

Because projecting a little decent picture, you really need a big iPhone or a iPad . Definitely an iPad with retina screen will look nice, but does an older iPad also fine. An iPhone screen is too small, but with an iPhone 6 Plus you can still reasonable from the feet.

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display duet

Simple installation

The Duet Display app works through your iPhone or iPad via USB cable to your MacBook hangs. Load the app on both Mac iOS and your screen is automatically presented on your mobile device. You can then just go there with your mouse, virtually without any delay.

One of the pluses of Duet Display is the simple design. Within 5 minutes you can get to work. If the apps are on and the cable is plugged in, the monitor within no time was found. The resolution is not entirely fantastic on a smaller screen, but it’s a great solution for people looking for a second display. The battery in your MacBook is slipping there quicker empty.

Download Duet Display

To Duet Displaying downloading you must run at least iOS 5.1.1. The app costs 13.99 euros and has 53MB required for installation.

 Duet Display (AppStore Link) Duet Display
Developer Rahul Dewan

Review 4 +

Price: € 13.99

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