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Five amazing iPad applications – Computer Total

In this article you will find a selection of five different applications. This is just the tip of the iceberg. It is even possible to your iPad make a real old-fashioned arcade cabinet, you can play classic games. In addition, there is software available for musicians synthesizer or animation software to create cartoons. There are apps for creating logos and special effects, you can take digital cooking classes and learn to play an instrument. So there are plenty of great features that you can use your iPad even better (or more fun).

The applications that you find in the rest of this article, are the things that gave us the wow effect. What cool that can guts with your iPad!

Cat Toys

Let’s start with one of the more risky applications. This activity you will anyway go get a little regret at some point. The iPad is in fact ideal (but not actually intended) as cat toys.

There are several apps available that focus specifically on dealing with your cat when you have no self sense that string for / leave dangling her nose. An app with which we have been very successful in Game for Cats . This free app offers two games: running mice or a dancing red dot. Start the app and place your iPad safely down. The cat may be let go or her hunting instincts on the movements on the screen.

It is also possible with the same app iPhone To control the red dot on the iPad, which makes it all that more interactive. But the cat does not matter in our experience.

Hunting on the red dot is also digitally in our cats favorite by far.


We tested the app with the help of three cats. We put the game on “automatic”, resulting in hectic scenes. So hectic that sometimes the app was abandoned and the wild cat with its paw movements (accidentally?) Purchases in the App Store tried to do

The risk for cat owners is clear. When your pet has a taste, each iPad is always a potential playtime … even if you sometimes or just want some quiet read. Our hangover namely find a scrolling text namely also a very interesting prey

Game for Cats

Price :. Free
Size : 28.9 MB
Score 4.5 / 5

The cat may choose or game he wants to play.


In another way dangerous (but oh, how wonderful!) is driving a Parrot AR Drone with the iPad. The Parrot is a light plastic device with four rotors and a camera. With the iPad, you can see this device in real time on the screen what the drone sees. The virtual drives on the screen send you, turn you, and you can leave it off and land. The entire flight you can save them from filming and let the Parrot. It is even possible to take aerial photos, again by pressing the touch screen. Please note that there are some strict rules for controlling a drone. It is required to maintain visual contact with the drone, you may not come within a certain radius of an airport. Of course it is dangerous to take off near a highway. The bright Parrot can hit by a gust of course.

The Parrot AR Drone, thanks to the foam edge even if you fly into space.


Very exciting is the option to program the Drone to fly a particular route. You put ‘waypoints’ on the Google Maps card in the app, and the Drone follows that program. Keep it at all times secure the iPad, because actually this “waypoint fly ‘also prohibited. The reason is obvious: if your program is set incorrectly, there may be accidents. So make sure that you always can take control at any time.

In addition to the standard AR app, there is also an app that lets you create stable luchopnamen. The app has specific settings to allow the drone on a fixed spot hover, where he performs a lovely ‘pan’ movement. Or a “dolly shot” where the quiet drone flying a route and films. For amateur filmmakers are thus almost professional air intake possible. Unfortunately, the video or still is only 720p.

An aerial view of the city park.


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