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Review: Pixelmator for iPad, better than Photoshop? – Iculture

Pixelmator icon Pixelmator is not the most comprehensive image editor in the App Store; There are apps that have much to offer more features. Still, Pixelmator is a special app. The app provides exactly the features needed by most people for photo editing, drawing and painting. And everything inside it, works great. Just as in the critically acclaimed app Pixelmator for Mac .

You can actually
Pixelmator on the iPad in two ways. The app has a huge container of templates that you can quickly create collages of photos or pasting all kinds of cool effects to your photos so you’re ready soon. This part of the app is just for lazy users who want something simple. There are templates for collages, frames, cards and whatnot. Once you open a template, you simply replace the default image and adapt to the rest to taste. You can go as far as you want herein. But if you have a nice photo, you are there within minutes usually done with it.

Pixelmator screenshot

Pixelmator: real painting on the iPad

But you can also use the app to an image from scratch to make. Drawing and painting works in Pixelmator on the iPad huge fine, because you can work almost immediately on the screen. Moreover, you do not necessarily have to finger painting, like many cheap apps. You can link the app via Bluetooth to a character stylus from Wacom. Because this is pressure sensitive, he reacts like a real brush. So you can with a little patience and talent really something beautiful assemble. This is a fantastic experience in Pixelmator. Especially because the app is no slouch when you work with many different layers and layer effects.

Some features are really quite handsome together. The repair -tool removes a nasty elements from a photo and fill this void in a smart way. If you do not see that with a view originally two strange people were in the picture. This will use your guaranteed once.

Pixelmator screenshot 2

Pixelmator’s Handoff is awesome

What still is the finest is that Pixelmator fully utilizes the latest capabilities of iOS 8. The app can store any files in its own folder on iCloud Drive, so you can easily on the Mac there and everything stays neatly organized. But the coolest feature is the support of Handoff : you can with Pixelmator painting and sketching on the iPad and with one press of a button you have the new creation in Pixelmator for Mac, so you it can immediately develop into a real work of art. The people who want digital painting for years!

Pixelmator screenshot 3

Conclusion Pixelmator review

If you have all the benefits of Pixelmator add up, you do not understand why a program like Photoshop so limited on the iPad. If you like drawing and painting, this app great. Pixelmator for Mac several years a showpiece for beautiful software. Pixelmator for the iPad has only one drawback: you can not use the app on the iPhone


  • Support iCloud and Handoff
  • Very nicely designed
  • Works fast, even on different layers
  • Easy for new users
  • Many nice opportunities for artists


  • Now we want a version for iPhone …



Pixelmator Team

EUR € 9.99



iOS 8.0 or newer

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