Friday, January 2, 2015

Full integration between your iPhone, iPad and Mac – PC Total

Apple’s iCloud service is a good help to keep all your Apple devices up to date. All your calendars are synchronized by it, and the notes you enter on your iPhone, you can find by iCloud on your iPad or Mac back. This is just the tip of the iceberg, because iCloud offers many more features that you might not yet know. There are also numerous third-party apps available that helps you sync documents between your devices and manage photos.

And if you want to send a photo or file to another device that does not always e -mail. This can be found clever apps that save you some time. Also read how your music controls on your iPad from your iPhone and how best music and video from your mobile Apple device sends to Apple hardware. AirPort Express and Apple TV are hereby handy aids to your Apple wireless network.

There are many third-party apps that you can synchronize documents between your devices or even you can control other devices.

Spotify operate

Connect With Spotify you a Spotify-sessie operate on another device with your iPhone. Great if for example you have your iPhone connected to your stereo and you with your iPhone sitting on the couch. Make sure you have installed on both the iPhone and iPad the latest version of Spotify and that they are registered to the same Wi-Fi network. Touch next to the play button on the icon with the speaker and circle. Then tap the name of your iPad. You control Spotify on your iPad now on your iPhone. Spotify Connect also works with Android devices.

Select your iPhone from the list and control your tablet with your iPhone.

Stream music to AirPort

If you have an AirPort Express from Apple, you may know you can print easily with the device wirelessly to a printer via a USB cable to connect. You can, however, connect the AirPort Express via a standard audio cable to your stereo. From your iPhone or iPad now wirelessly stream your music via the Airport Express to your installation. Swipe your finger under the iPhone screen up to open the Control Panel and tap AirPort . Select the name of your AirPort Express and any audio from your iPhone is sent to the AirPort Express. This also works with Apple TV, there is also video streamed to go.

Select your AirPort Express to stream music to the device.

Automatic Downloads

iPad and iPhone, although two independent systems with different apps, but you can also ensure that all the apps on your iPad also download the same on your iPhone are available and vice versa. Go to Settings / iTunes and App Store . In Automatic Downloads you move the slider back Apps to. You can use the other sliders to activate the same setting for purchased music, books, and updates of apps from the App Store. Be careful with the slider below, if you Use mobile data on, download your iPhone too great apps via your mobile connection.

If you turn on Automatic Downloads, you have on your iPhone and iPad apps same <. / p>

iTunes Match

If you are on your Mac much music have in your iTunes library, you will also probably on your iPhone or iPad listen. Purchases you’ve made through the iTunes Store, you can manually download from the iTunes Store if you Purchases tap and choose the cloud icon behind a number. With iTunes Match, Apple syncs however all music from your iTunes library with all your devices, even if you have purchased music from other stores, CD have imported or obtained illegally. The service costs 25 euros per year and purchase up from iTunes on your computer.

have iTunes Match all your music on all your devices.


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