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How to get the contents of CDs and DVDs on your iPad – Computer Total

I find it quite amazing that I now can buy digital movies and music. But I also have a lot of old movies and music on DVD and CD that I would put on my iPad. Is that even possible?

With the rapid development in the field of legal downloads, you could almost forget that you (probably) is also a significant collection films and music have in the closet. Look at that than just throw like you once your VHS collection door’ve done out on DVD because everything was beautiful? Well, you could of course consider to buy everything again in digital form, but somewhere that is a shame, of course. Moreover, not all movies are super sharp to look, right? You do have a bit of work on it, but it is indeed possible to convert movies from DVD and music from a CD on your iPad!

You can download the world of movies from the iTunes Store, but what if you all already on DVD you bought?

Music with iTunes Match

As you can read later in this article, it is possible to rip music from CDs and then save it in your iTunes-bibliotheek. That will cost you a CD, however, quite a lot of time, and that time will save you Apple, with iTunes Match. iTunes Match is a service that allows the music you have on CD, is made available on iTunes. Requisite for this course still all CDs to load one time, but you do not have to rip them because your music (often in higher quality) that gets all available in the cloud. The downside is that this service is not free, you count 25 euros per year for down. The music is automatically available on all your iOS devices.

iTunes Match will save you time, with music you already have on CD, digitally available.

Rip music with iTunes

Then there course also just the ability to rip music old-fashioned with iTunes. What actually happens, iTunes is the music from the CD sales to a digital format that iOS-apparaten can handle. This rip is very simple, but it takes some time and that can be quite the hours walk if you want to convert your entire CD collection. Moreover, the question is whether you have the storage capacity on your iPad. This is a project that you can do better in phases (every week a few CDs), rather than all at once. To rip music in iTunes, launch iTunes, insert the disc into the DVD player into your computer and wait a few seconds. You get iTunes automatically whether you want to import the CD into your iTunes library. Click Yes , and the music will automatically be ripped into the correct format for your iPad. By clicking in iTunes on iPad top right and then right under the Sync , the music is copied to you r iPad (the need for this iPad to be connected to your PC or Mac).

iTunes automatically asks if you want to import the CD on iTunes.

Rip Movies

It would be fantastic if iTunes had the same function for movies and music, but unfortunately that is not the case. That means that you need to download additional software will. If you search for ‘Copy DVD to iPad “you are bombarded with all kinds of programs, which often costs a lot. Fortunately, there are also free programs – in some cases – even better than the paid rubbish you can find online. Handbrake is a great freeware program. Download Handbrake (For Windows or OS X). Insert the DVD you want to rip into the DVD player and then right under the Presets iPad . The appropriate settings are automatically selected. Now click on Start and converting starts. This can quietly take half an hour, so it is a very time consuming process. Then drag the result to your iTunes library and the film will be included when you sync your iPad as described under “Rip Music to iTunes’

For ripping movies you need external software like HandBrake.

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