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Game Vice: iPad game controller in March 2015 available – iculture

It is now six years since we wrote about the Game Vice : this special iOS game controller turns your iPad into a handheld video game, mainly reminiscent of the gamepad for Nintendo Wii U. It was quiet for the accessory, but now we know more: it is sold at the beginning of March 2015 for $ 100

Vice iPad Game BioShock

The controller has two analog sticks, a directional pad, action buttons and four shoulder buttons. Starting in March, the Game Vice order for the iPad Air, iPad Air 2 and all iPad minis. For each model, there are also two versions: one with a 800mAh battery and a second with a 1600mAh battery. With both you can also charge the iPad, but the 1600mAh model also offers 4G support. This makes it possible to use mobile internet without an iPad with 4G. Game service will be sold with 800mAh battery vor $ 99.99, says Polygon . What’s more luxurious model costs is not yet published.

Game Vice a gamepad you to both sides confirm your iPad. Because the iPad screen is in the middle, you can use it as a portable gaming console. This Game Vice differs from existing accessories. There are now multiple iOS gamepads allows your iPad to play games, but almost all of them require you to drop somewhere iPad while gaming

. Deputy Game 2 The Game service works with all iOS games that offer Apple’s official controller support. The list of games is growing since the advent of iOS 7 steadily, but still is not very impressive. In our review the Moga Rebel we wrote the following:

After a year, the list of supported controller games is still still not very impressive: there are plenty of games, but the lofty titles can be counted on two hands. In addition, the largest developers have abandoned their support and be broken games not repaired. You should look good to do something fun with this game pad, and even then you can against weird bugs starting in iOS 8.

It’s wait and see if the game Vice developers will encourage more controllers to support. The gamepad seems somehow unique: never before was there an accessory that you could change the iPad into a handheld console. With the larger screen of the iPad an interesting idea

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