Monday, January 12, 2015

The best screen keyboards for iPad – Computer Total

Set a screen keyboard

You have a screen keyboard working, you should do a few things. Download from the App Store the keyboard that you want to use, go to Settings / General / Keyboard / Keyboards . Tap Add to keyboard and select the keyboard. Some keyboards request full access.

Click on the keyboard, move the Provide full access to the right and tap Rise to . It is important to know that a keyboard that requires full access, has access to everything you type. If you give full access, the keyboard can also collect, save and send. A keyboard that has permission to your photos, locations and other data, can also collect and transmit this data

Minuum -. The Little Keyboard for Big Fingers

Price : € 1.79
score : 4.5 / 5

The creators of Minuum have the keyboard on all new views. Why the keyboard takes some significant portion of the screen? With Minuum you can see a lot more of your image as you type. Here the power of your iPad is used to predict words. The letters on the keys Minuum board standing in a row next to each other. The QWERTY layout was arrested, but then there are always three characters together. Among the Q button also contains the letters A and Z. Unfortunately Minuum is only available in English, but you can send a request via Twitter tominuum. If the keyboard is not immediately visible in the App Store, click the top left of iPhone only. Although the app also works on the iPad, the creator there is (as yet) decided to make the adjustment only app on iPhone format, making him only the iPhone appears. The keyboard itself is indeed adapted to the larger screen of the iPad.

TouchPal Keyboard – Emoij & amp; Gesture

Price Free
score 3/5

TouchPal you can not only swypen or tap, you also get over 800 emoji at. Emoji is, moreover, Japanese and roughly translated means icons. With TouchPal so you have enough emoji to choose from. Under some keys you will also find symbols. By starting to sweep these keys down, type the symbol in place of the letter. At the time of writing no support TouchPal Dutch (or English, for example, German and French), but through the program, you can cast a vote so that language may be added in the future.


Price : € 0, 89 (+ in-app purchases)
score 4/5

The world has been typing on a touchscreen phone with screen keyboard Fleksy on a Android-apparaat. In as many as 18.19 seconds clears the record 58 words and 370 characters to enter. Now also iOS-gebruikers an attempt to write the world record in his or her name, because this super-fast handling type writer is also available in the App Store. Fleksy predicts the word you want to type. Swipe the keyboard, you can also give various commands such as a word is backspace or switch between 40 languages. Dutch is also supported

Type – Custom Keyboard Creator

Price : € 1.79
score : 2.5 / 5

Type – Custom Keyboard Creator you can personalize any way you wish. Do you have a black iPad, you make easy’s keyboard also black. If you prefer an image under your keys, which can in an instant. Give your keys a tan and you’re done. At the time of writing the app is very limited, but he does offer potential. The creator promises with the next update upgrade. Thus, he indicates that there may be too soon for transparent keyboard chosen and that there can be a different audio track for the selected keyboard. We find worth the app no ​​1,79 euros at this time.


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