Saturday, January 10, 2015

Tip: night mode on iPhone and iPad – One More Thing

Since it is always within reach seated Control in iOS 7 has become a lot easier to put the screen on your iOS device darker. However, for some this is not easy enough. Fortunately iOS 8 provides a convenient solution!

The one-time setup of this tweak is a little cumbersome, but then switch your super easy between light and dark with a triple-click the home button and you can iPhone or iPad even darker place than the slider for brightness. We put the steps in a row:

  • Go to the Settings app and select General & gt; Accessibility & gt; Zoom.
  • Ensure that Zoom Area ‘Zoom entire screen state.
  • Set “Display Controller” and then turn on’ Zoom ‘to. Displays a controller with four arrows.
  • Press the controller and displays a black list.
  • Move the slider all the way down the list to the left, so that is not zoomed.
  • Press “Select Filter” and make sure “Low Light” is checked.
  • Print out the list so that the list will be removed and put “Show Controller” again.
  • Use the arrow top left back to Accessibility and scroll all the way down.
  • Click Activation Button and select ‘Zoom’ from the list that appears.

Et voilà, triple-clicking the home button and the brightness of the screen changes. Sweet dreams!

Tip through Robin

 John David Hanrath

Jan David Hanrath is co-founder of One More Thing, as well as architect specialized in the construction of libraries. You can find it at Twitter and Linkedin. Lees more articles by Jan David .


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