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11 things you should know about the iPad mini Retina - Apparata

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iPad Mini Retina combo
After unveiling earlier this week is the time it takes to put in a row.

What exactly the pros and cons of the new iPad mini?

A better screen (duh)
The iPad mini has finally gotten a 7.9 inch Retina display, something many pixel freaks were waiting. This reading should be a lot more pleasant.

A7 processor
mini iPad 2 comes with 64-bit A7 chip that is also used in the iPhone 5S. This processor would be 4x faster than that of the current iPad mini (A5).

More disk space
iPad 2 with Retina mini comes standard with 16, 32, or 64GB. Those versions we all know, Apple now offers a 128GB model. In addition, the new version more memory (1GB instead of 512 Mb).

No better camera
Some hoped for a 8 Megapixel camera, but it has become 5 MP. The front camera is improved somewhat and now also has dual mics, useful for FaceTime!

No gold version
And yes, that’s an advantage. If you want nice colors on your tablet but then buy a sticker or case. For the mini iPad 2 you can choose between gray and black.

No Touch ID
The iPhone 5S has such a nice ring, if you do one of your fingers onto it immediately recognizes who you are and he will unlock the phone. The just-released iPad Air has not, and not the iPad mini. Retina therefore IPad owners are not worthy of this convenience according to Apple?

No Keyboard Cover
Buy a Macbook but if you want.

Better Connectivity
mini iPad Retina has 4G support and uses the 80211ac-FI card. Apple has some pretty routers equipped with 802.11ac, allowing fast transfer speeds possible.

Yes, that was to be expected. You have to pay € 389 for the WiFi version and € 509 for the 4G model. the good news: the original iPad mini is down to € 289


iPad mini weighs 312 grams, the new iPad mini 2 weighing 330 grams!

A long delivery
According to rumors, the production of the 7.9-inch Retina display is far from level. The iPad Mini with Retina display would be launched sometime in November but whether that is so in demand is met. In addition, the question is whether the Netherlands the first country hears receiving the tablet.

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