Thursday, October 24, 2013

Microsoft has to iPad Air -

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a blog says Frank Shaw, head of communications at Microsoft, that make it free of iWork is an attempt to keep up.


He also concludes that the Surface tablets cheaper and better than the new iPad Air and iPads are not designed to work.

“The Surface and Surface 2 both have free Office, the most popular and powerful productivity software in the world. The tablets are cheaper than the iPad 2 and iPad Air which Apple’s offerings to deliver not as important iWork free at these tablets or good, “said Shaw.

Shaw is a trivial step because iWork according to him was never caught. He cites in his blog also to journalists who have written about iWork. Finally, the head of communications at Microsoft makes a comparison between the Surface and Surface 2 and the iPad 2 and iPad Air.

Surface vs. iPad

“The Surface tablets are cheaper and offer more storage on the tablet and in the cloud. They come with a full version of Office 2013 and non-standard apps that do not work on all platforms and you can not document to share with the rest of the world. “

“Surface provides other benefits to productivity as the table stand, USB ports, a port for SD cards and various keyboards. Also open like most people really work. possible different screens next to each other or each other “


It is not the first time that Microsoft is attacking the iPad in public. Published several videos on Youtube which Microsoft with the Siri voice of the downsides of the iPad illumines. The advertising in which the iPhone 5S and 5C on the heel were taken, was withdrawn after a few hours because the video missed its target.

Apple announced the iPad Air, the successor to the iPad 4, on Tuesday along with a new iPad Mini. Besides the Air iPad 2 stays in the sale for a lower price.

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