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What to expect from the iPad 5? - ZDNet.nl

Summary: After the new iPhone 5s 5s and appliances, all attention goes to other flagship Apple: the iPad. What does the new iPad5 hold?

the new iPhone 5s 5s and appliances are off, all attention goes to other flagship Apple: the iPad. What does the new iPad in store?

Rumors that Apple’s new (and fifth) generation of the iPad will unveil at an event on 22 October. But so far nothing – except maybe the date – confirmed by Apple. But the lack of any information does not mean that we can worry about what the new iPad will bring.

1. Several assumptions at least Name

The name is the first mystery. New iPad? iPad 5? iPad 5x? iPad 5s? For the latest announcements Apple removed each time the number of the name, although that obviously harder to get between the ‘old new iPad “and the” new new iPad.

2. Processor

In the heart of the iPhone 5s is the 64-bit A7 processor in terms of computing power and graphics power it provides double the A6 processor in the iPhone 5.

Although the direct benefits of a 64-bit processor is not always clear, Apple seems to pave the way for a move to 64-bit. One would expect that they would transfer them to the iPad 5. Some analysts even believe that a 64-bit iPad would turn on the PC industry.

even more pressure

Because Apple uses a variant of the processor of the iPhone in the iPad, it is expected that the chip – which A7X could be called if the previous approach in terms of naming is respected – is adapted for use for the

3. Storage

Apple currently offers the iPad 4 and the iPad Mini in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB variants, with a 128 GB version of the iPad 4. The transition in storage capacity of 16GB to 32GB and 32GB to 64GB costs Apple about $ 10, but the company charges consumers an extra $ 100 each for the additional storage. A lucrative business model so plenty earns money to the people who most use their iPhones and iPads.

Will Apple users for the basic model of 16GB to 32GB lift? Since it did not do with the iPhone, one can doubt whether this is for the iPad tel. It’s just too lucrative for Apple to keep things as they are, with iPads ranging from 16GB to 128GB, with possibly a cheaper model things – perhaps the iPad 5c – from 8GB


4. Touch ID

It makes perfect sense for Apple to integrate.’s New Touch ID fingerprint sensor, already built into the iPhone 5s, also in the new iPad It is important to be business convenience than security, but it distinguishes the new iPad at the same time of the competition. A quick and easy to use fingerprint reader distinguishes the iPad from any other tablets on the market.

5. Thickness

Perhaps the new iPad (yet) thinner, but not much. The switch to the GF2 touch screens, used for the iPad mini, a fraction alter the thickness of the iPad, but so very limited. They keep the same thickness (currently 9.4 mm), as Apple did with the iPhone 5s, would that help on backward compatibility with accessories.

6. New camera

Then we think of the new iSight camera. This camera on the iPhone 5s is considerably upgraded compared to the previous version. The sensor is 15 percent larger and the flash was upgraded so that the colors truer colors capture. One would expect that this camera is also used in Apple’s new iPad.

7. New line up

The new iPhone was offered in variants and spent two iPhones: a flagship iPhone 5s and a cheaper, colorful iPhone 5c


This would suggest that we end up with three different iPads have to do:

– A iPad 5s
– A iPad 5c that closely resembles the current fourth generation iPad
– An updated iPad mini

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New iPhone 5S: 64 bit, good camera and fingerprint reader

With input from Adrian Kingsley-Hughes (ZDNet.com)

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