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| October 16, 20:00

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We recently the iPhone and the iPhone 5s 5c show come along, but what about the iPad 5? We have compiled a list of rumors circulating about Apple’s new flagship tablet.

1. The release date of the iPad 5

We may include infer from the announcement of iOS 7 that Apple will release the iPad 5. in the autumn of this year In addition, the iPad 4 was launched in November last year after the device was announced in October. Apple has announced a press conference for Wednesday October 22, seems to confirm. Rapid introduction of the iPad 5

The design is already two generations old, so it is unlikely that Apple will delay the launch of a completely new iPad. longer than one year There has long been speculation that the iPad 5 in October would be released (along with the iPad mini 2), only a few weeks after the launch of the iPhone and iPhone 5s 5c. Now it is clear that the conference takes place on 22 October, is a likely launch in November.

2. The design of the iPad 5

Little is known about the possible specifications of the iPad 5. It is thought that it will have as the iPad mini, and that the device up to 33 percent lighter and thinner than the iPad 4 will be. A similar design If that’s true, the device around 500 grams and about 7 millimeters thick (as thick as the iPad mini).

Some people think that the thinner design with the use of thinner glass, making while others say it could be that Apple smaller or less LED backlights used. This would also set a smaller, thinner battery can hold, without the battery is deteriorating. The iPad mini is thinner because the LCD screen is laminated to the glass. This leads to reduced glare and reflection and an improved image quality.

Other rumors regarding the specifications have to deal with haptic feedback (something Android tablets already have) and an improved camera on the back. Many people also expect a faster processor, as each iPad (except the iPad mini) has received a new processor that should have as its predecessor. Approximately twice as fast And of course there is a lot of speculation about new color options, such as gold, gray and anthracite (like the iPad mini).

3. The price

If we rely purely on past pricing strategies of Apple, we can almost assume that the iPad will cost 5. at the launch around 500 euros Or that the price of a model of 16GB or 32GB is nobody knows, but hopefully the minimum capacity is greater because it does not appear that the device will include a microSD slot.

Currently you have about 130 euro extra count down for 3G/4G functionality, and we expect that the models only wifi functionality have no GPS receiver will contain.

The premium model is likely a 128GB WiFi + 4G model. Assuming the current pricing, will such a model will cost around 935 euros.

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